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How do I program my Cyborg keyboard to open programs and load websites?
Posted by Marian Corneci on 08 December 2011 02:55 AM

The Cyborg Keyboard features 12 programmable keys that can be used to activate in-game commands and even load up applications and websites. The keys are ideal for setting controls such as quicksave, quickload, inventory screen and even your purchases in CS: Source. The instructions below should get you up and running.

Open the Profile Editor by clicking the Saitek icon in your taskbar and selecting Profile Editor. You will be presented with a column of cells. Each cell corresponds to a Cyborg key on your keyboard. If you are using the graphical version of the SST, pressing a Cyborg key on your board will highlight the corresponding button cell.
To make an assignment, left click the cell to make the programming cursor active. Now type the keyboard key or key combo that you want the Cyborg key to perform and click the green tick to accept. You can then name the command. 
Once you have set the keys you want to the Cyborg buttons, click the blue target reticule at the top of the editor window, to save and activate your profile. You will know your profile is active when the Saitek icon turns green. To deactivate your profile, click the Saitek icon and select clear profile. 

The thing to keep in mind is that the programming software will only carry out keyboard and mouse button presses. You can't, for example, drag and drop an icon in to the SST and set a button to activate that icon.

However, every program on your PC can be activated by using a string of keyboard inputs. What I tend to do is set one key to carry out [WINDOWS BUTTON] + R. This will bring up the Run command box, and then program another key to activate the game or program. You must input your commands into the editor in the exact way that you would perform them in Windows; otherwise the editor will not detect the key presses correctly.

The other Cyborg keys can then be used to activate the program of choice. To do is, you will need to set the Cyborg key to output the run command for the program, followed by a press of the enter key. For internet explorer you just need to haveiexplore.exe[ENTER]. For Firefox you need to have firefox.exe [ENTER]. For a game, you would need to input the complete file directory path for the games executable file, for example

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe[ENTER]

Alternatively, you can use this method:

Right click on the icon of the program you want to open and select properties. In shortcut key press a key you are VERY unlikely to use in the CTRL + ALT + ‘key’ combination and click ok.

Now in the profile editor, right click on your preferred Cyborg key and select "new advanced command". Enter the CTRL + ALT command you specified for the program.

Right click on the Press window and select QUANTIZE TIME and set the time to .005 seconds so that the activation time is extra quick and select ok.

You can also set the Cyborg keys to load websites, once the browser has been opened. Again, being aware of the keyboard shortcuts in Windows is very important. In either browser, ALT + D will highlight the URL in the address bar. So your assignment in the profile editor will need to look like this.


Note to Vista users. The icons in your quick launch bar can be activated by pressing the Windows key, plus the number that corresponds to its position on the bar. So Windows + 1 will show the desktop etc. Therefore, you can program these keyboard shortcut commands to Cyborg keys

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